Thursday, May 07, 2009

Box 51 is my favourite

Well I don't want to insult any of the other boxes out there or any of the good people who are helping them to make their way around the world but box 51 is the only one to consistently get back in touch and send us photos of its travels and it is firmly placed as our favourite.

Check out the news page to see where it has been now - pretty stunning scenery and a very small black dog.

BOX 51

There is still time for our love of Number 51 to be usurped so come on other boxes, we are a fickle bunch - send us some photos of you having exciting adventures and you'll soon climb to the top of our affections.

Best wishes




Anonymous Don said...

I'm glad to see that #51 has made it to new Mexico, one of my favorite of the 43 that I have visited. I wonder where it will go next.

1:20 pm  
Blogger Alburt said...

I've just had a thought - is Area 51 not in New Mexico? Maybe #51 is heading there?

Come on box 51 you can do it - lets get you home.

1:32 pm  
Anonymous don said...

Close but no stogie. It's in Nevada, but the terrain looks in some ways similar!

No oceans there.............

9:01 pm  

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