Thursday, February 14, 2008

Willie on the move

Some futher images of box 051 arrived in the email two days before a postcard from Dogshow/ Craftsman extrodinaire Don Williamson arrive in the post.

Having spent two years in the sunny climes on Florida, Don has passed the box on to a friend in "the land of snow and ice fishing, Wisconsin". I hope the poor thing doesn't catch a cold.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Where Willie? aka #051

We are renaming box number 51 as Willie, in honour of old friend of box number 051's first host, Mr Don Williamson. Don contacted us at the weekend to apologise for the 2 years delay in passing on the box. This was in part due to his work/ travel commitments but also partially relating to the sad passing of his beligan Sheep dog Willie (pictured above).

Don was a bit worried that he had failed the project or that it has stopped, due to the lack of updates on the site. Please, if there is anyone else out there, holding onto a box fearing the same thing, then let us know. As we said to Don, there is no time limit on the project, if it takes 20 years, then so be it. Eventually, fingers crossed, the boxes will start to return home. We always imagined that it would take years rather than months and we were delighted to hear from Willie/ 051 for the first time.

If anyone else out there is still holding onto a box, then get in touch. Or if anyone has passed on a box and is wondering why they haven't seen an update about it, contact us or politely chase up the person you passed it too.

From the sound of things I think Willie/ 051 is going to be in a hurry to get home so the other boxes will have to get their skates on.

All the best and a very belated new year to you all.