Friday, July 13, 2007


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"54 boxes travelling around the world, meeting people and having adventures. This is their story and the tale of their journeys home. "

This experiment is an attempt to look at the Milgram effect, otherwise known as the small world phenomenon.

It is said that all strangers can be linked through six degrees of separation. This project is to put this theory to the test.

We have released 54 little boxes to strangers around the world. Each box contains a piece of a jigsaw. The boxes are attempting to return to their owner Allistair J Burt who works in an architect’s office in Glasgow. When returned, the pieces will be reassembled and hung on our wall for all to see.

If you have recieved a box then please pass this package to someone who you think will be the best next step on its journey home. The only rule being that this person must be someone who you personally know.

This website will follow the adventures of the little boxes and will record the results.

Thankyou for your help and we look forward to hearing from you. Any questions please email



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